Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Social Media

Do you have a Facebook Page? Or WhatsApp? Or other social media application installed in your mobile phone? Well I do! And why I asked? Simply because some of whom reading this might get a feeling they're/ve been through this... CURIOSITY OUT OF BOREDOM!

Let me tell you how my love story starts.
Less than six months ago I was lying in bed. Quiet. Holding my mobile phone. Scrolling. Searching. For something. Or nothing. I was just curious for no particular purpose and damn bored at the same time. It was almost midnight. The Zzzz fairy is not to be seen anywhere. When suddenly I remember I have to check-back on one post from Virgin radio's Facebook page and I have to read it. So I click the page and scroll down. The page is colorful and busy with ads and pictures. This is normal and entertaining. Scroll down once more. Oops! Wait. A lady wrote something. Click Profile. Scroll down a little bit. Hmmm! She does not interest me. But her Facebook Cover Photo does. Aha! There is this guy who posed next to her with a beach-like backdrop behind them. She looks smiley and all. He doesn't look happy for some reason. Oh! He is tag on the photo. "Goodness! Let me click and see who this guy is." Click! Well, ok. They're in a relationship. Whoa! "Big thing." I whispered; as I never have changed my Facebook Relationship Status since I set-it-up in 2007. Anyway, I scrolled down a bit. And a little bit more. And Whoopsie! He is giving away his email address and mobile number because as what he mentioned he is terminating his Facebook profile page. "Well. That is good. Another productive person produced by a terminated Facebook Page" I said to myself. But wait! I have to send a message before it’s too late. But let me look at this person's profile once again before I send him an SMS. Timeline gives away a little behavioral information about this guy; aside from some foreign language statuses and posts there is a bit drama posted to his wall. Nothing really there for me on his Timeline. Maybe About could give me some. Ah! So his birthday is in a month. Nice. What a coincidence? "Now I have to add one more person on my Gift & Greet List" I thought. For some reason I got sore of looking at his Relationship Status. I mean, I do not know either of them but I do not see why they are together. "She must've been good in something" my Evil Twin whispered. "Nah! Not my business!" as I dismissed what my Evil Twin just whispered while changing from About to Photos and started flicking from one photo to another. "Awww! It hurts my eyes. Better sleep now." I snap. "But let me add him on my Contacts. Whoa! He is on WhatsApp. Well, perfect. Now's the time to send him a message...." 

 " :) "

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