Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Changes and How it Change You

I've been really busy I just realized I have to write something down before I get lost in my new busy world. The MRS world. I'm like "gotta write now, gotta write now!" I have been writing couple of stuff about myself and my love-life. I thought some of you have already read it and I hope it made you think positively or helped you in a way. My last Blog was about The Social Media and how it helps me find My Love. We'll let's fast forward a little. After 6 months of getting to know each other we Tied The Knot on 2nd of June 2014. We are now married for 2 months. Amazing!

Two days ago my husband asked me "Darling, if you would be able to change one thing in me, what is it?" I heard it clearly and those silly and annoying things he does over the period of few months living together has gone to an auto-rewind in my head as if it’s a commercial on TV. I smiled and answered "Nothing My Love. I cannot change those. You aren't perfect neither do I. You've been very patient in me, I am grateful for that. I love you the way you are!" 

As cheesy as it may sound, Yep! I said it. Finally, I have admitted verbally to my husband that those annoying and silly habits are not my main concern in our marriage.

It wasn't always like that. I was once a little startle how my husband miss the laundry basket for his socks. I mean really, a few centimeter from each other. Sometimes I ask myself why there are so many people running chasing one ball on TV and why I am not watching some Drama Series. And one morning he breaks and scrambles the egg yolk I wanted to eat sunny-side-up. I did not complain because I thought "Oh! He will change." 

Oh he did! After sometime it’s not only the socks that he misses for the laundry basket; the boxers and tees too. And because the World Cup is ON, my husband has to stay up late till 1am to watch those people who seem to be tirelessly-chasing the ball inside the "idiot box". The egg yolk is still scrambled but now it’s not too boring as my husband put a little color in it. Vegetables! These little things mentioned is just a few of my favorite silly & annoying thing he does. That actually makes me secretly smile. You ask why? 

Here's why...

My husband might miss the socks, boxers and tees to the laundry basket but he does the laundry without me asking. Especially when he knew I am busy mending my monthly-sickness. Great helper! He also volunteered to work on the ironing as I get tantrums every time I try to iron. Shame on me!

My husband loves football. It is his sport. I realized it gives him tremendous joy watching his favorite team scoring and winning. Once he took me out to watch a match and I actually enjoyed it. He showed me; it is fun to watch sports; outdoor or indoor. A very good mentor!

My husband might make the eggs the way I do not want it to be. But he tries to cook breakfast for me while I sleep-in. He gives me time to sleep more specially on the weekends while he gets-up early to prepare some healthy breakfast. He actually let me taste some-good-food I never have tried before; He's a great cook!

You see. I am so glad I did not complain when he misses the socks, when he watches his football team on TV and when he scrambled the egg yolk. Just because he could have done that in the best intentions he might have. Something that I would have not known if I did not keep quiet, observe and eat the scrambled eggs!

Of course sometimes it annoys me. But nagging over that silly stuff is not going to give me happiness.
One day at a time I tell and explain to my husband how I would like the dirty laundry to be in the basket. I reminded him that sports are good but he has to stick on his sleeping pattern because he drives me to work before his and I do not want him tired. And I love eating sunny-side-up eggs with just salt & pepper on it because that's easier for me to chew and swallow food in the morning. 

Things aren't always what we expect it to be but there are good things in it.
Just keep looking!

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