Monday, March 3, 2014

A Soul Mate

I grew up reading paperback borrowed from my cousins and aunts. Mostly romance. It tickles my imagination. In one way or another it made me wonder how it'll be like. How it’s like to be a full grown woman. Most especially it made me think how it is like to be in-love and be loved.

It gives me a lot to hope for when I turn 30. Things like; I'd be fully independent working woman. That knows what she wants and when to get it. Most of what I have learned from reading paperback is positive. It also gives me hope that one day. If that one day is going to wait for me I will eventually meet My Soul Mate.

I turned 30 on October 2013. And I learned that...

.... "People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you'll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. A soul mate's purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so out of control that you have to transform your life..." -Elizabeth Gilbert

Something that I will treasure. 

Yes I met My Soul Mate and I am grateful I did. Or else I wouldn't be able to fully understand what the importance of Love is; it gives me the chance to be ME.

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