Monday, March 10, 2014

When I go MIA | A Realization

Well, I get a little distracted for a while but managing to come back to normal. I have done some important "stuff" while MIA. I got it done. All good. I am happy and proud.

Today I was looking up at my old notes and came across something that brings back a lot of memory. All good and happy memories. Things like I learned and been through. These next phrases are the exact lines been told by a very good friend of mine.

Like McDonalds, getting it your way hurts less than not getting it your way and being frustrated. -Clay Welker 

Clay was right. I wanted something. I want it served the way I want it. I liked it. Was very happy of how it looks like in the outside. Though, at some point I did not like the way it is on the inside. I get a little frustrated. A little mad. Get a little insane. And puke it out. But then, I stopped and think about all of it. Nobody's fault there. I was expecting too much. And it made sense that when the order is not served as per my expectations; I get disappointed. And disappointment is frustrating. So I stopped ordering or asking for it. I did it my way! I am happier now. I do as per what is making me feel content out of something.

Life is not a marathon although it feels that way, it is a sprint. -Clay Welker

Sometimes, like what Clay has said, I feel like I was chasing too much of my future. It is exhausting. While MIA I get the chance to think through things. Think through what has been, is going on and will be. I wanted to evaluate myself. I needed a change. I have to change something. I've been chasing my future that I forget I have to live a life of "right now". I almost snap out of the "present". Now, what I do is live. By the seconds. One day at a time. It feels less stressful. I am calmer. I am happier.

Going back to those notes; I confirmed that I have learned so much from that one guy who told me once "If you own it you will never give it away."

Yes! This is my life. I own it. Nobody is allowed to take it from me. Until the day that my Creator takes it back. Till then, I am in control... the way I want it!

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