Saturday, March 1, 2014


So I have been sharing to you some sort of turmoil in my love story. Well, do not worry anymore. I have decided that we will be away from that topic soon enough that you do not have to be distress. 

I have done a major decision last night and I thought it was worth it.

If you still clearly remember; those who are on my Facebook Page I have posted the same picture with a caption “Mind Blown” for a simple reason that it made me crazy thinking about what it to be “revealed” was.

Well, dear people who reads this blog; it was Libra’s decision mainly that has been revealed. I am not supposed to be writing this until I get to be done with being emotional. But, I kept looking at that part of me where emotion usually resides but no luck. No tears shed. No nothing. Just a plain SIGH and a thought of “Oh Wow! That was it? It didn’t hurt much as I have expected. What’s up with you girl?” 

Believe me, I wasn't always like this. It took some time, and a lot of inner work, but eventually I did learn to love myself for exactly who I was. When that happened, I could finally see that failed relationship for what it really was and I no longer felt any pain or any longing. I had come to a magical place where the only question I had left was: "What the heck was I thinking?" And could scold myself and say "Hello Maturity!"

Today, while reflecting on what I have decided and what it is going to be I remember reading something that goes like this “As long as you're self-sufficient and don't allow yourself to buy into the lie that a relationship can give you something you can't give yourself, you'll be fine. Fulfilled, whole, self-sufficient women never have to worry about being devastated because they would never accept unacceptable treatment. They do not need to be unpleasant about it either.  They are not intimidating, accusatory or argumentative - they simply realize that they have choice and don't NEED a relationship, they just want one.” ~Eric Charles

To keep this blog short I would like to close this topic and remind my readers’ men and women: 

"Be whole enough to be alone.  Be graceful enough to smile. Be strong enough that when you need it, you could WALK AWAY!" ~Maryoom

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