Saturday, February 22, 2014

50 Ways to Take a Break

It's a Sunday and I am sure that 99.9% of the world is on a Weekend and taking a break. Except me and the rest of the people in Dubai who wake up early to go to work.

So for the 99.9% plus the 0.01% of the people in the world here are sure simple ways to take a break either you are at work or somewhere else... Ready?

1.      Take a bath
2.      Listen to Music
3.      Light a candle
4.      Learn something new
5.      Take deep belly breaths
6.      Write in a journal
7.      Walk outside
8.      Eat in silence
9.      Examine and everyday object with a fresh eyes
10.  Color with crayons
11.  Do some gentle stretches
12.  Rest your legs up on a wall
13.  Read a book
14.  Meditate
15.  Notice your body
16.  Go for a run
17.  Take a bike ride
18.  Turn off all electronics
19.  Make some music
20.  Paint on a surface other than paper
21.  Write a quick poem
22.  Climb a tree
23.  Go to a park
24.  Pet a furry creature
25.  Buy some flowers
26.  Call a friend
27.  Create your own coffee break
28.  Forgive someone
29.  Let go of something
30.  Put on some music and dance
31.  Give thanks
32.  Engage in a small act of kindness
33.  Read or watch something funny
34.  View some art
35.  Find a relaxing scent
36.  Meander around town
37.  Move twice as slow
38.  Write a letter
39.  Sit in nature
40.  Watch the stars
41.  Watch the clouds
42.  Go to a body of water
43.  Let out a sigh
44.  Take a nap
45.  Fly a kite
46.  Go to a farmer’s market
47.  Read poetry
48.  Drive somewhere new
49.  Listen to a guided relaxation
50.  Sit in silence while watching people walk by

 Enjoy your weekend and I bid you safety all day - everyday! :)

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