Thursday, February 20, 2014

Some words of encouragement… |The Law Of Attraction

Changing and evolving from the person you once were, to the person you want to become, can sometimes be painful and scary.

It can be easy to punish ourselves for mistakes we’ve made or for not knowing in the past what we know today. But that is the beauty of life. Without all experiences – good and bad – we would not know what we know today. Nor would we be capable of growing into the person we realize more and more, that we are capable of becoming.

When we all wake up to the power that has been inside of us all along, change becomes possible, and you’re ready to make it.

We know what we know, when we’re ready. So don’t beat yourself up for what happened yesterday, you simply didn’t know what you know now. And instead, fill yourself with gratitude for what you know TODAY and for the person you are becoming.

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