Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A love like Odysseus and Penelope

Twenty Years of agony.  
Twenty Years of enduring pain.

What else could we add to the list of unfathomable LOVE that Odysseus and Penelope has?

While we may all agree that Odysseus and Penelope is just a character in one of the greatest Greek Mythology. We may also agree that whoever reads it will ask themselves "Can I be able to endure what Odysseus and Penelope endure?"

I will honestly say "I cannot!" 

I cannot explain how and why I will not be able to endure. What I can say is that the present situation and the present existence and value of love in the world where I am living in right now is just too weak to endure such. I am sorry but I have to say that mostly if not all of what I have known and experienced is just for "temporary." 

Else, the person in charge of his/her love story is made to have a heart of stone; it may be shaken but will never cry nor bleed. The one that "never give-up." 

Unfortunately, this era doesn't have that anymore. Everything now is "disposable". You may change when "it" is  not going as you planned it. You may "replace" if its dis-functional. 

I remember hearing my mother once told me when I commented on her and father's dispute with a cold advise of "separation". She said, "It is not like that. It doesn't work like that. We cannot leave each other just like that. We have you and your siblings. We love each other... not as much but we love each other." 

If there is a kind of what my mother & father; Odysseus & Penelope has, please do direct me to that path to see, touch and feel how it is like. Because believe me... "I would also like to have an eternal affair."

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