Monday, February 24, 2014

I wrote a letter and never send it

I was cleaning my laptop awhile ago; trying to delete some photos and some unnecessary saved items and I found something that made me smile. It's a letter I wrote on 19th January 2014, Sunday. I was not able to send it to the intended recipient for some reason. It just get's crazy and busy after 17th January 2014 and I get this letter pending. So, here I am sending it. 

Sunday, 19th January 2014

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Subject: Good News!!!

Hello All,

I have something to tell you that I know will surely (at least) make your day. Or inspire you in a way or another.

I am getting married soon.

All the preparation is on its way and soon enough I will be a MRS.

Alas! I have found somebody who will be able to (hopefully) tolerate me and my not so lovable me.

We talked about our future (together with Ian) and our unborn children. We talked about our retirement and how it is going to be “sitting in a porch watching our little grandchildren run around the garden”. We talked about so many things that I have never-ever have spoken with anyone in my entire 30 years of existence. We are smitten.

Where ever he may be from. He was surely a "surprise gift". And I am pleased about that. There is no other way I could have experienced this love without your encouragement and support. That when those days I mourn and those times I say bitterly "Nah! Love Story is bullshit!" you were there to remind me that there is hope and there is no need to despair. That sooner or later I would experience it myself and would be glad I doubt it. Because then I will not be able to savor the sweet scent and feeling of being on that state.

I shall admit that Yes! It feels good to be loved when the only thing you wanted is to make the other person happy. So, here I am reporting to you that I am SO DEEPLY IN-LOVE! What a great feeling. So motivating that one day I thought I could just live by it; and there is no need to eat and drink. Helpful for the diet program; that I always find myself cheating on every time I start (I thought).

I might be dreaming. But if this is just a dream “DO NOT FUCKING DISTURB” me. Haha! 

Sincerely yours,


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