Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Stranger

Last night I write poem. And I thought I would not post it publicly but I changed my mind... so, here it goes!

"I fell in love with a stranger.
Every day I knew it grows wilder.
And today, among those other days; is not just an ordinary day. 
But a revelation of what I have chosen. 
Not all has seen aside from his mother. 
The real heart of a man who they thought was made of steel. 
Those eyes that may hide or tell the truth. 
The lips that speaks the good.
Indeed I am learning, I am seeing, I am feeling.
That the stranger I fell in love with.
Is the man I was born to be with.
May The Creator seal our Love.
That in the end we will say our Vows.
The Vow that our love is eternal."

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