Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Dress

I recently I have been viewing Pinterest and other sites that shows beautiful white long dresses. Yeah! It gets a little hard on my eyes looking at those flowing princess like dresses. And yes, it is tempting. Let's agree on this; when you are a future bride you would actually Google "Wedding Dress" and stay on that page for about an hour or so. You may repeatedly do this every day in a week or so until you are tired or satisfied of what you have seen; in my case "every-other-day". Yep! Until now. I do look and check and say "WOW!" to the dresses that I found captivating.

Let me take you back to the time when I was first asked what "dress" I would like to wear on my wedding day. I was 13 years old then. Boyish. Doesn't care at all in what I wear and doesn't even bother if I actually looked like a girl or a boy.

I dismiss the question and simply said "Well, I don't know. Do I have to wear a dress?" Yep! You may now judge me; I am a certified Tomboy in our little neighborhood.

So my sweet little girlfriend explains to me that every girl has their own dream wedding dress and that every girl has to have one. She even questioned me if I have ever drawn a design of the dress I wanted to wear on my wedding day. And when I said "no" she raised her brows and reached for her little back pack, take out a notebook and there it is her own drafts of "The Dress". I look at it intently. The dress look elaborately designed; a professional rookie. I must say that this girlfriend of mine has talent. She's 12, mind you.

We flipped and look at the drawings while she explains what those and what it is supposed to be. I am 13, I do not understand it. I cannot understand why we have to bother. I wore an "Ignorant" sash that day. 

Now, I get the sense of what my girlfriend was trying to explain to me 17 years ago. I actually thought she was so damn right with everything she explained to me; her drawings, that little purple-crayoned-colored-off-shoulder-dress that she has on her notebook, her twinkling eyes; full of excitement while trying to explain to me the details of the dress she would want to wear, her cheeks that blushed every time she would look over her shoulder to check if her boyfriend (then, now a husband) is nearby watching us. She was just the perfect example of an excited bride-to-be. She seems to know what she wanted. To be married. She knows what to wear. She even draws a design of her wedding dress. All decided when she was 12 years old!

As for me, I ordered one dress online and waiting for it to arrive. And nope, I have no drawing of "The Dress!"

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