Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My fear and how I face it

On the way to work today I was thinking a lot of the weather. Because last night I saw the moon; it was so gorgeous. I thought it would be great to dive at night. Ah! The thought of diving at night is an ultimate dream for me. Yeah! I have to go back diving again. Soon enough, the weather will be good for me and I can go back diving and swimming as much as I want to. 

Let me share to you something that I love. I did not know I will love it that on the first thought I get extremely scared. But then, I was given a chance; on my 29th birthday I was asked "What do you want for a gift?"  Well, I said "I'd love to do sky diving before I turn 30 but... let me think about what I really want and get back to you." And then just before I turn 29 I have decided (after of course reading, asking and browsing endlessly about it) that I would take-up Scuba Diving rather than Sky Diving. For the following two reasons:

1. Sky Diving is done only once. If you get licensed then you can do it again and again. I think I don't have this as an option. It is on my bucket list but not on my budget list (for hobbies).


2. Scuba Diving will let me see the underwater world where I can only see in an animated movie or Discovery Channel. It will open up a new circle of friendship. And, I can always upgrade and keep learning. Most importantly Scuba Diving will give me a chance to conquer my ultimate fear: The DEEP WATERS!

And so I got my gift after the confirmation and went in to classes. The excitement it gives me. The adventure, the nerves I have to crack. The exhilaration of every single part of my brain when I think about going deep. The fulfillment of getting every exam and dive done. It was something I could've not experienced if I let my fear get in the way. 

Have you had your fear tackled? Do it! Because you might not know; it can open a new path of Passion for you. 

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